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Existing Subscribers please use the renewal version of the payment page you received in your initial email or renewal reminder email. :) If you use this form of payment for paypal it will come in as for a new account and can cause a delay or confusion as to if it is for a new account or trying to extend a current account!

Please Choose from the following methods of payment. Zelle, Google Pay, or Paypal

**Important Notes when sending payments**

- In the notes of the payment, please include who the payment is for when sending payments and also that it is for 'service'. I cannot possibly know when "Mack Daddy LLC" pays that it is supposed to be for "Justin Smith"

- Please Send Payments to the CORRECT place as instructed. If you send to a different address or username, you may be sending to someone else! Don't be careless with your money and send it to someone else because of not paying attention to what you are typing!

Example: "Service for Justin Smith, justinsmith@me.com" 


$25 - for single connection access

$35 - for up to 3 simultaneous connections

$45 - for up to 5 simultaneous connections

Zelle address is appmaster2500@gmail.com

For a first and last name you can put whatever you want, that is for your reference to identify who you are sending it to.

Zelle is a bank to bank service that is built into many banks systems already. If you use a bank that partners with them, such as chase, wells fargo, Bank of America, etc, you can send using the built in zelle in the banking app. Look for "send $ with zelle" or with chase, it is the "chase quick pay powered by zelle".

If your bank doesn't partner with Zelle just yet, you can still use this service by downloading the Zelle App from your phone's app store, linking your account, and sending to the email address above.

Google Wallet/Pay 

$25 - for single connection access

$35 - for up to 3 simultaneous connections

$45 - for up to 5 simultaneous connections

Using your Google Pay app on your device, send to the address appmaster2500@gmail.com


Click a button below for the plan you want, each button has a drop down menu with the various options. Do not send to any email address, only use the buttons below! Paying via any other method other than the buttons below can result in payment going elsewhere and your money being in limbo for 30 days before it is returned to sender.

ONLY USE THE BUTTON BELOW IF YOU ARE A NEW SIGNUP, Existing subscribers use the renewal version you were given via email where you enter your existing username! If you use this version I will not automatically extend you if you are an existing user and will be sitting here waiting for confirmation if you were trying to sign someone up on their behalf or trying to extend your own account.