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Welcome to the Ultimate APP!

Please Read This Entire Page Before Submitting the Form At the Bottom!

In this page you will find the following:

  • The Overall Process to get the Ultimate APP

  • General APP Info

  • How to Pay for Service

  • Fill out Your information

Overall Process

Process is as follows:

  1. Read this entire page

  2. Fill out the information and submit payment to the appropriate place.

  3. Receive your account information via email with login information and instructions on installing your app on various devices, along with how to renew or make changes to your account..

Processing time: can vary depending on peak busy hours, info sent in the middle of the night during sleeping hours, holiday's, weekends, if the payment has been delayed, etc...

Most account's are processed within an hour but please allow up to 24 hours after both information and payment have successfully been received.

General APP Info

If you are here, that means someone has shared information with you about an awesome app that gives you 100x more for less than other similar services and you are excited to get your hands on it! Well you are one step closer by being here and soon you too can be experiencing the amazing value of the app! This is primarily an app for LIVE content, that happens to have a selection of on demand as a bonus, but the focus is Live at home and on the go. If you want something with the primary focus being on demand with just about EVERYTHING, then we can get you in the right direction for that, email me at the address in the bottom of the page.

- Premium access
- No major maintenance or constant updates needed by the end user
- No contract or commitment, pay as you go, but can optionally autopay if you wish.
- Up to 100x the Live selection for less than mainstream competing services
- High Capacity dedicated providers for minimal to no buffering. (as long as your local connection is good)
- Ability to use a large variety of devices (Android or iOS only)

- Can install on however many devices you wish but can only actively stream from the amount you are paying for at any one time simultaneously.

Payment Methods And Application Form

Please click for payment options ---> NEW PEOPLE ONLY HERE

Then proceed to click button below to fill out your form.